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Great international performer and father of the fantastic Zineday

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Guidam x Heartbreaker
KWPN – 2004 – 1.68m – chestnut

The great international performer, father of the fantastic Zineday who exploded to the top level at just 9 years of age in 2023!


We had already suggested it to you when it first reached the top level, and since then, its production has continued to confirm its top-level quality. So it was an obvious choice to bring it back into the catalog this year.

ZINEDINE performed at the highest level under the saddle of Ludger Beerbaum. They have placed in some of the world’s finest competitions: 2nd in the GP CSI5* 1.60m Paris 2014, 2nd in the GP CSI5* CGT London 2014, 4th in the GP CSI* 1.60m Chantilly 2013, 5th in the GP 1.60m CSI5* GCT Shanghai 2014, 7th CSI4* Wiesbaden GP 1.60m 2015, 7th CSIO5* Rotterdam GP 1.60m 2013, 7th CSIW5* Stuttgart GP 1.60m 2012, 10th CSIW5* Stuttgart GP 1.60m ‘s Hertogenbosch 2013…

His dam, Unadonja, also produced Orwell SCF, who debuted at 1.55m at age 9 (in 2023).

  • Performance 100% 100%
  • Descent 75% 75%
  • Genetics 50% 50%
  • Power 90% 90%
  • Energy 75% 75%
  • Style 70% 70%
  • Ease of use 100% 100%

Crossing advice


Terms and conditions

IARI : 485 € + 1 500 € au 1/10 GPV

Approval Studbooks: SF, HOLST, HANN, OLDBG, OS, AES, BAVAR, KWPN…

International performer

He has competed in grand sport in CSI 4 and 5*.

Progeny tested

He already has several top-performing products.


It combines sporty qualities with chic.

Its production

Zinedine has already sired 12 horses at 1.50m and over, including 3 9-year-olds who started competing at 1.60m and in 2023!

The fantastic Zineday, only 9 years old, is already: Vice European Champion in Milan, winner of a 1.60m class at the CSI5* GCT in Prague, 3rd in the 1.60m GP at the CSIO5* in Aix la Chapelle, 6th in a 1.60m class at the CSI5* GCT in Riesenbeck, 6th in a 1.60m class at the CSI5* GCT in Riyadh, 6th in a 1.60m class at the CSI5* GCT in Paris, 8th in a 1.60m class at the CSI5* GCT in Valkenswaard…

Others include Zigano G (rated 1.55m), Kathmandau (rated 1.55m), Pepper d’Or (rated 1.55m), Zinedream (rated 1.55m), Zapzarap (rated 1.50m), and Zidan 10 (rated 1.50m).




Golden Pepper



Ludger Beerbaum
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