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A full range of services related to equine reproduction

Châtenay reproduction center

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Rigorous gynecological monitoring for all types of semen
en provenance de l'étalonnier de votre choix
A veterinary team
7 days a week - 24 hours a day
transfert d embryon
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Embryo transfer
Embryo Fresh or frozen, the center guarantees availability
d'une jument receveuse de qualité
A herd of
300 mares
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ovum pick up
Whatever the standard, availability or
complications of your mare:
Opt for this revolutionary technique
Châtenay : leader
of the OPU
in France
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With 100 foalings carried out each year, the maternity
de Châtenay allows you to secure your births
By image and skills
from a clinic
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Sale of genetics
From frozen embryo to foal,
not owning the world class breeder
is no longer an obstacle to quality breeding
A choice worn only
on the high end

Quality charter

1. Technical excellence :
  • Constant innovation: We constantly keep abreast of the latest advances in equine reproduction, adopting cutting-edge techniques to ensure the best results.
  • Ongoing training: Our team undergoes regular training to maintain and constantly improve its skills, guaranteeing high standards in all procedures.
  • Latest-generation equipment: We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to ensure accurate diagnostics and efficient reproduction procedures.
2. Horse welfare :
  • Comfortable environment: We offer an optimal environment, with facilities adapted to ensure the physical and mental comfort of each resident.
  • Individual Care Protocols: Each mare is treated individually with personalized care protocols, taking into account her specific needs and history.
  • Respectful gynecological care: Our gynecological procedures are carried out calmly and respectfully, minimizing stress and ensuring the mares’ well-being at every stage.
3. Transparency and Communication :
  • Open communication with customers: We encourage transparent communication with our customers, keeping them informed at every stage of the reproduction process and addressing any concerns they may have.
  • Personalized support: Each breeder benefits from personalized support and advice tailored to his or her breeding objectives.
  • Ethics and Respect: We adhere to the highest ethical standards, always acting in the best interests of the horses entrusted to us and their owners.

With a cumulative experience of 40 years in equine gynecology, the Centre de Reproduction de Châtenay, run by the Neyrat family, embodies a transgenerational know-how rooted in the constant ambition to master the most modern fertilization techniques, while guaranteeing optimal comfort and attentive monitoring of the individuals cared for.

The Centre de Châtenay, along with its six annexes, accommodates between 350 and 500 horses in total, and stands out as the only center in France benefiting from complete technical, logistical and human expertise to develop the full range of services linked to equine reproduction.

We are proud of our versatility, offering services such as insemination, with all types of seed, whether from the BLH catalog or not. We also excel in embryo transfer, taking advantage of our exceptional herd of recipient mares to ensure a sufficient number of cycles until July, in collaboration with our customers’ donors.

Ovocyte puncture has become a distinctive specialty of the Center, and we are honored to hold the status of French leader and to rank among the top three in Europe in this field. This expertise demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation and progress in equine breeding.

What’s more, our maternity hospital enjoys a solid reputation, with a proven track record of 100 foalings a year. Our team is a reliable reference in neonatology, backed by exceptional professionalism that guarantees quality support during this crucial stage.

At the Centre de Reproduction de Châtenay, our commitment to technical excellence, constant innovation and equine well-being has made us the undisputed benchmark in the field of equine reproduction.

Team leaders

I’m particularly proud of the work done by the teams at the Châtenay center, who are highly qualified, always motivated and endowed with an uncommon sense of responsibility. The results are very good and give meaning to all our customers’ breeding projects.

Sébastien Neyrat


Having started out with the Neyrat family as a carer, I went on to become a laboratory technician and then head of breeding before becoming center manager at the end of 2023. I know that our image and reputation must always be deserved, but we have the team and tools to match our ambitions in terms of results and comfort.

Florine Dufournel

Director, Haras de Châtenay

After managing the gynecological section of the world’s largest stud farm (Gestut Lewitz), I wanted to develop projects with an ambitious team that knew how to give itself the means to succeed. When Sébastien Neyrat explained his ambitions to me, I immediately agreed to bring my experience and the fruit of my scientific research to bear on developing the Châtenay center.

Dr Roberto Sanchez

Scientific project manager

We send over 2,500 doses of semen to Europe every season, and welcome great champions for whom comfort and care play a crucial role in fertility. Our collection laboratory is close to major logistics centers, guaranteeing rapid seed transport.

Clément Rodarie

Stallion Manager, BLH

Our customers are particularly demanding when it comes to quality of care and communication. The administrative department is made up of 4 people who provide information on the progress of technical procedures and ensure perfect liaison between the hotel, the veterinary team, the secretariat and the owners. This is essential for a structure of Châtenay’s size.

Laure Rossel

administrative manager

By day, I train the Neyrat family’s breeding horses and those of our long-term customers, and by night, four of us look after the foaling at the Châtenay maternity hospital. For this last function, we have extensive experience backed up by specialist vets, and guarantee a 24/7 presence on site in turn, with excellent monitoring tools.

Corentin Hoareau

Maternity ward - Cavalier

I act as a relay between the administrative part and the exchanges you may have with Sébastien Neyrat in terms of cross-breeding advice, technique or investment. My job at Châtenay is to centralize all the information so that the teams can find out about it quickly.

Amandine Hivet

Management assistant, BLH

Technical results go hand in hand with comfort and quality of care, especially when we work with some 700 different individuals every year. I ensure the mares’ comfort throughout their stay by individualizing their lifestyle, monitoring their behavior and proposing solutions and adjustments.

Marine Bergeret

wellness manager

As neonatology managers at the Centre de Chatenay, our commitment to the first days of foal life goes beyond a simple mission. Our dedicated team provides round-the-clock surveillance to ensure the well-being of newborn babies. With a maternity unit equipped with the latest technology and experienced staff, we are proud to contribute to a healthy and happy start for every foal.

Antoine Crépel

Neonatal manager


Les écuries de Chatenay :

On the Chatenay site, 70 spacious, well-ventilated boxes are fitted out and perfectly maintained by our carers. We provide top-of-the-range food (Lambey) three times a day, complemented by quality locally-produced fodder. Mares mainly kept in stalls have individual paddocks where they can relax for a few hours a day.

Gynecology ward

Very large, so that several mares can stay at the same time and soothe each other, everything is designed to minimize the risks associated with restraint. Several vets work simultaneously to avoid long waiting times.

Relaxation areas

Tripe lice, separation corridor. Sport mares are perfectly safe to stretch their legs without having to stand too close to other males.

Your future recipients

Our livestock is of the highest quality, the mares live in large open spaces and are in excellent condition: a guarantee that the embryos will find a well-cared-for recipient to implant in.

Stallion Kingdom

In a quiet location, several kilometers from the mares, the stallions have a team of dedicated caretakers who provide them with the same attention they have enjoyed during their sporting careers.

Long-term boarding school

When you leave your mare or foal with us, he or she joins our breeding farm, an 80-hectare estate under the watchful eye of an attentive and rigorous horseman.

Stallions available from fresh semen