Elevage Bel

At the heart of our concerns lies a rich mix of skills – passionate veterinarians, hard-core sportsmen, farmers, riders – which, over the last thirty years, has forged unrivalled expertise in the noble art of breeding, raising, caring for and enhancing horses destined to embrace diverse horizons. This unique passion, nurtured by the lucky passing of successful generations, perpetuates its heritage.

Our protégés, brought up with love and rigor, are destined for careers as illustrious as they are varied. Some, touched by grace, soar to the heights of high performance, where every jump, every movement echoes a quest for perfection and economy. Others, faithful and generous companions, find their vocation under the saddle of enlightened amateurs, becoming the living reflection of a shared passion. And then there are those, marked from birth by a genetic destiny, destined to enrich the breeding heritage with their exceptional lineage.

But if experience is our compass, it’s the terroir of our stud farms that defines its contours. The land, laboriously shaped by the hooves of champions, offers our protégés an idyllic living environment – a life-size playground, where the abundant grass, soothing shade and comforting caresses of our dedicated caretakers compose a symphony of well-being and excellence.

In this cradle of greenery, where the wind whispers of past and future exploits, our sport horses draw the strength, courage and serenity they need to reach for the stars. This land, nourished by history and dreams, is the pillar of our expertise, the sanctuary where tomorrow’s legends are written, under the benevolent gaze of those who, through their passion and commitment, have chosen to devote their lives to the blossoming of these magnificent creatures.

From conception at the Chatenay stud farm or from your purchase of a gestation .

We manage the growth and training of your protégé