Châtenay Equine Reproduction Center
A world-renowned reproduction center guaranteeing serenity, resources implemented and cost control
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The gynecological care of a mare is a demanding undertaking, requiring consistency, availability, informed decision-making and, of course, in-depth expertise in the control of reproductive cycles. It aims to optimize results, time spent at our center, and the effectiveness of gynecological procedures. At the Châtenay Reproduction Center, we are proud to place this delicate mission in the expert hands of our veterinary team, made up of world-renowned gynecologists entirely dedicated to our center.

The different types of seed

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Semence Fraîche

Il s'agît de la semence la plus fertile, particulièrement adaptée aux juments délicates . L'insémination a lieu 10 à 15 minutes après la collecte sur une jument dont l'ovulation est programmée quelques heures plus tard

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Semence réfrigérée

Quelle soit de provenance française ou importée , du catalogue BLH ou d'un autre étalonnier nous assurons un suivi gynécologique de manière à synchroniser
réception de la semence et ovulation. Nous effectuons aussi en routine un contrôle de la semence reçue

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Semence Congelée

De toute provenance et quel que soit la quantité disponible, le suivi gynécologique prodigué synchronise efficacement insémination par des vétérinaires de renom
et ovulation de votre jument

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1) Insemination with “Béligneux Le Haras” fresh semen:

Seed freshness is essential. For stallions from our stud, collection is followed by insemination on site within ten minutes, guaranteeing optimum quality and maximizing the chances of conception.

2) Insemination with imported refrigerated semen :

For stallions from Béligneux Le Haras or other catalogs, we import refrigerated semen. Our team ensures expert handling, preserving the quality of the semen and enabling its quality to be determined, and carries out insemination under ideal conditions as soon as it arrives.

3) Insemination with frozen semen :

Frozen semen requires extra care. We perform careful gynecological monitoring to synchronize insemination with ovulation, using a limited number of straws. The experience of our veterinarians guarantees precise execution, optimizing the chances of success.

Fertility results per cycle at the Châtenay center

Our quality charter

Absolute dedication to Equine Gynecology

Our experienced gynecologists organize their schedules according to your mare’s specific needs, rather than external constraints. This tailor-made approach guarantees individual attention and constant availability, optimizing every stage of gynecological care to achieve outstanding results.

  • Technical expertise: an experienced, qualified team dedicated to equine insemination.
  • Adapted protocols: Specific protocols for each type of seed, ensuring a personalized approach.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Modern facilities and high-tech equipment for state-of-the-art procedures.
  • Transparency and Communication: We keep our breeders informed at every stage, fostering a fruitful collaboration.
Technology and Ultrasound Competence

To ensure your mare’s safety and well-being, only our vets are authorized to perform ultrasound scans. The accuracy of these diagnoses plays a crucial role in understanding reproductive cycles and guarantees safe intervention, enabling rapid, relevant adjustments to maximize the chances of conception.

Optimal comfort at every stage of the cycle

Our dedicated team of caretakers meticulously organizes your mare’s accommodation, ensuring her comfort during the key stages of her cycle. Specially designed facilities guarantee a serene environment, ensuring that she goes through each phase in a calm and balanced way.


BLH Fresh Seed

Gynaecological follow-up: €275 incl. VAT

Installation: €145 inc.

Frozen seed BLH

Gynecological follow-up: €420 inc.

Set-up : 250€ttc

Chilled seed excluding BLH

Gynecological follow-up: €310 inc.

Set-up : 220€ttc

Frozen seed excluding BLH

Gynecological follow-up: €450 inc.

Set-up : 300€ttc

Wahoo Effect Seed

Gynaecological check-up: €220 inc.

Set-up : 105€ttc