Châtenay Equine Reproduction Center
Embryo transfer
Mastered since the 90s by our veterinarians, our technical expertise and the availability of recipients on site guarantee you a great chance of success
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Since the 90s, embryo transfers and implantations have become common practice in the mare, and Dr. B. B.’s team has been working on the development of new techniques. Neyrat at the Centre de Reproduction de Châtenay has been at the forefront of these advances. In 2023, we are proud to announce that 350 embryo transfers (flushing) and 230 fresh embryo implantations as well as 180 frozen embryos were performed with an excellent success rate, attesting to our commitment to reproductive excellence.

Our reproduction center in Châtenay is the ideal combination of exceptional expertise and long-standing experience for your projects. Our dedicated veterinarians and lab technicians, on call 7 days a week, have elevated our center to the forefront of embryo transfer and implantation. One of our strengths lies in our ability to ensure rapid embryo transfer, without compromising on quality or recipient synchronization. We offer you a rigorous selection of 300 mares, guaranteeing an optimal environment for embryonic development.

When it comes to ICSI-frozen embryos, our commitment to quality is undeniable. Our mares are meticulously selected, each one according to its history and characteristics. This in-depth knowledge enables us to select the most suitable mares to successfully accommodate frozen embryos, ensuring rare implatation statistics.

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Embryo collection
(Embryo recovery)
€250 ttc
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Embryo transfer
Fresh embryo implantation
Frozen embryo implantation
€400 ttc
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Embryo transfer
Recipient mare rental
€3000 ttc
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The statistics speak for themselves: out of 400 implantations per year, our success rate is an impressive 85% for fresh embryos and 72% for frozen embryos. These figures reflect our ongoing commitment to quality, precision and success in the delicate field of equine reproduction.

At the Châtenay Reproduction Center, every embryo transfer and implantation is marked by our passionate commitment to success and excellence.

Arrival of the mare

When you arrive at the center, your mare must be vaccinated against Rhinopneumonia and accompanied by the administrative documents (boarding agreement, breeding contract, lease contract).


Our veterinarians monitor your mare’s ovaries until insemination and ovulation, ensuring that one of our 300 recipient mares is synchronized.

Embryo collection

7 to 8 days after the ovulation control date, the veterinarians wash the uterus with a physiological liquid solution, then one of our technicians finds, washes and conditions the embryo.

Embryo implantation

At the same time, the synchronized recipient is prepared in the implantation room, then the veterinarian places the embryo in her uterus. We will then monitor her gestation at 12 days, until you are picked up on the 45th day of gestation.