690€ ttc

This service includes pre- and post-partum surveillance, foaling, nursing of the newborn by ESR staff, vulvar magnet fitting, pre- and post-partum gynecological examinations, customary injections and blood sampling for passive immunity control by the veterinarian. The intervention of an emergency veterinarian in the event of dystocia or complications, the supply of additional colostrum if the broodmare’s colostrum is insufficient, and any close neo-natal monitoring during the first few days (bottle-feeding, etc.) are invoiced extra to the breeder by the practitioner and/or ESR. The arrival of the mare should be expected no later than 10 and a half months after the last insemination.


21.2€ ttc per day

Pregnant broodmares are managed inside the maternity unit when the first signs of foaling appear. They are housed in spacious, quiet, pre-disinfected boxes. Fed 3 times a day, she spends part of the day in a paddock reserved for mares ready to foal.


The neonatal activity requires the application of strict sanitary isolation rules and continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by individuals present on site. They must have the right skills and extensive experience in foaling. We manage around a hundred births every year, and our night watchmen and day team guarantee dedicated, comprehensive attention, from the detection of the first signs to the care of the newborn.

At the Centre de Reproduction de Châtenay, we understand that the first moments of a foal’s life are crucial. That’s why we’ve set up a dedicated neonatal and maternity facility, carefully designed to provide an optimal environment for mares at the end of pregnancy.

A Sanctuary of Peace and Comfort

Our sanitarily insulated structure offers a peaceful atmosphere, specially sized to ensure the comfort of mares awaiting foaling. We believe in creating a tranquil space that fosters the serenity needed for this precious moment.

Neonatal Expertise at Every Birth

During the first days of birth, our neonatal team takes care of the mare and her foal. Every detail is taken into consideration, from meticulous foaling control to the first auscultations and immunity tests on the foal. Our aim is to ensure that these first moments are as gentle and safe as possible.