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Heartbreaker x Jokina de Bornival
BWP – 1996 – 1.70m – bay

An ambassador for Belgium as well as for our catalog, since we were already marketing him when we could observe his powerful stride on the show grounds with the late Hubert Bourdy.
Now, Toulon semen is limited and only allows ICSI sessions, but with great success.


The result of an interesting Hearbreaker x Almé cross, Toulon is a modern, robust stallion with large radii.

His maternal line includes performers Gaverdi Z (1.60m), Cyclade du Barbin (1.60m), Vancouver d’Auvray (1.60m), Cortes vd Heffinck (1.60m), Haldor (1,60m), Bambino van’t Zorgvliet (1.60m), Deauville de la Vie (1.50m), Rouen (1.50m), Jabab des Valces (1.50m), Impuls vd Heffinck (1.50m) and Nantelle van T&L (1.50m).

He is honored by a fine career in CSI with Hubert Bourdy. He won the Sao Paulo GP and came 2nd in the Calgary GP and the Rome Nations Cup in 2007. He ended his sporting career in 2009 and returned to stud in Belgium.

In 2013, we took over Toulon’s distribution in France for two reasons: Its production confirms all the good things we thought about it, and its fertility in the frozen state is excellent.

  • Performance 70% 70%
  • Descent 90% 90%
  • Genetics 50% 50%
  • Power 85% 85%
  • Energy 60% 60%
  • Style 70% 70%
  • Ease of use 60% 60%

Crossing advice

Easy to cross, he is suitable for many mares, simply avoiding those that are too heavy or have too strong a character.

Terms and conditions

ICSI: €150 + €500 per frozen embryo

Approval studbooks: BWP, HOLST, MIPAAF, SBS, SCSL, SF

International performer

He has competed in the grand sport in CSI4 and 5*.

Progeny tested

He produced 120 horses of 1.60m level according to Hippomundo.

The strength

He has a rather large frame combined with a well-developed muscle mass.

Its production

According to Hippomundo, Toulon produced 120 horses at the 1.60m level! He is 5th in the ranking of the best stallions according to the performance of their offspring in international competitions.

Among the most successful are: Toulayna, Deluxe van T&L, Dieu Merci van T&L, Visconti de Telman, Vancouver de Lanlore, F One USA, PSG Final, Toulago, Iq van het Sttentje, Jumpy van de Hermitage, Sharid, Dadjak Ter Puttenen, Elky van het Indihof, Dolce Deuceuninck, Kiana van het Herdershof, Tipsy du Terral, DM Jacqmotte, Bijou Orai, Vitot du Chateau, Think Twice 111 Z.

Vancouver de Lanlore

Telman's Visconti


Iq van het Steentje

GL Events Dolce Deceuninck


05/09/2007 ; Calgary ; Calgary (Canada) Masters
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