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Tinka's Boy

The best stallion for a little mare in the blood.

Tinka's Boy
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Zuidpool x Zeur
KWPN – 1989 – 1.60m – chestnut

The best stallion for a little mare in the blood.


Ninth, fifth, third, second and winner of World Cup Finals Second, fourth of European Championships. Winner of the Grand Prix d’Aix la Chapelle. Olympic silver medal. Over two million euros in winnings. Eight years at the highest level with Mr. Fuchs.

Suppleness, influx, loose shoulders, strong back and powerful hock.

Tinka’s Boy sums up our philosophy,

The quadrilogy of the Exception: The highest level of sport. Longevity for superb health. Regularity: Three days every weekend, a guarantee of respect without preparation. Fertility for a clean career.

The rare athletes who meet such high standards never disappoint at stud. This quality is in their genes, so they’ll pass it on.

  • Performance 100% 100%
  • Descent 100% 100%
  • Genetics 40% 40%
  • Power 80% 80%
  • Energy 50% 50%
  • Style 40% 40%
  • Ease of use 60% 60%

Crossing advice

Tinka’s Boy has made his mark on the breed, producing horses with prodigious canter if the dam had the energy and strides to match.

Tinka” horses are prized for their covering and valour.

Terms and conditions

IAC: €255 + €700 to PV

Approval studbooks: AES, BADWU, HANN, RHEIN, SF, ZVCH

International performer

He has competed in the grand sport in CSI4 and 5*.

Progeny tested

He produced 30 horses of 1.60m level according to Hippomundo.

The strength

He has a rather large frame combined with a well-developed muscle mass.

Its production

According to Hippomundo, Tinka’s Boy has produced 75 horses at least 1.50 m in height, including 30 at 1.60 m!

Among the best performers are: Tinka’s Hero Z (1.60m with Simon Delestre), Gracieux du Pachis (1.60m with Julien Epaillard), Tink’a Serenade (1.60m with Billy Twomey), Rondine Del Terriccio (1.60m with Emilio Bicocchi), Boreale de Fondcombe (1.60m with Marie Pellegrin), Abou Sim Bel (1.60m with Andrea Venturini), Hocus Pocus de Muze (1,60m with Harrie Smolders), Sherazade du Gevaudan (1.60m with Romain Duguet), Igor de Muze (1.60m with Marco Viviani), MoM’s Isaura (1.60m with Cameron Hanley), Heroine de Muze (1.60m with Taizo Sugitani), and Little Tinka (1.60m with Mandy Beger).

Tinka's Hero Z

Abou Sim Bel

Tinka's Serenade


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