The best stallion for a small blooded mare

Ride ability

International performer

The stallion evolved in big sport, CSI: 4 and 5*


The stallion has a rather large size associated with a developed muscle mass


Unstoppable, warrior, the superlatives used for these horses endowed with extraordinary courage

Ninth, fifth, third, second and winner of the World Cup Finals Second, fourth of the European Championships. Winner of the Grand Prix d'Aix la Chapelle. Silver medal at the Olympic Games. More than two million euros in earnings. Eight years at the highest level with Mr. Fuchs.

Flexibility, influx, loose shoulders, strong back and powerful hock.

Tinka's Boy sums up our philosophy,

The Exception quadrilogy:

The highest sporting level.
Longevity guarantees superb health.
Regularity: Three days every weekend, a pledge of respect without preparation.
Fertility guarantees a clean career.
The few athletes who meet such demands never disappoint at stud. This quality is written in their genes so they will pass it on.

And Tinka's Boy is proving it with his first real generations; those born in 2007. For them, 2015 is their entry into great sport.

And let's go: The FEI lists 36 sons and daughters of 6 and 7 years old in CSI in 2015!

In addition to those honored on the right, let us quote: Halina de Muze and Hocus Pocus de Muze (Lisa Noreen) winners in 140, Hoxer DB winner in Arnas, Bourg, Lons, Maubeuge, Icon d'Or 5th of the GP de Salsbourg at 7, Indian Gold winner in 140, Just America winner 3 times at Oliva, Sonic du Ripel 6th GP St Moritz, Sunshine de Roy placed in 145cm, Tinka's Hope winner in CSI 6 years old, Tika's Pride Winner in 7 years CSI3 *, Tinka's Queen winner in 8 years in Munich 4 *, Varius Cot Chat winner in Cannes, Vortex Bornissois winner in Barbizon…

On the French side, the last generations are excellent: Venus de Chalusse, 4-year-old champion 2013 Iso 131 at 6 years old in 2015. Vol de Nuit Tardonne, 2013 champion at Equita-Lyon, Vegas of the Elfe ICC 135. In the “A”: As boy of Kappa Iso 133 and Abou Sim Bel Iso 136 4th in the French Championship, Elite, double clear in Lanaken, lead the way.

Thick, muscular, supple, broad-shouldered foals, with strong hocks which become horses that move and jump and with the strength that is so often lacking now. Young people who want it without having to stimulate them. They follow the jumps with glee.

Thus, he will be given mares that are not too thick, those that require more flexibility, amplitude, hock thrust.

It transmits the indispensable ardor.

Tinka has proven and we know how to cross him. The train is moving. Enjoy it now. Later it will be too late.

Excellent fertility in frozen.



Zuidpool x Spirit

year of birth 1989
Size ? cm
Birth studbook: KWPN
Approval studbook SF, ADB-WÜ, Hann


750 € incl. VAT for the Living Foal 

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