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One of the world's greatest performers. The most voluntary too.

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Lancier x Raimondo
DWBn – 1988 – 1.67m – bay

One of the world’s greatest performers. The most willing too.


Remember, in 2000, Lando and Albert Voorn won the individual silver medal at the Olympic Games. His courage and physical strength made all the difference.

That unshakeable will to keep moving forward, that innate drive: that’s Lando. A rare quality written into its genes, as it is the Landgraf x Ramiro signature.

Each year has revealed a champion, and the pace is quickening:

2010: Oscar des Fontaines wins Sire of the World at the World Championships.

2011: Oslo Biats winner of the CCI**** in Pau after being JC World Champion.

2012 revealed two of them: the sumptuous Lacan, who won the “Jeunes Cavaliers” at Saut Hermès and the GP de Francfort, and Lando Boy, winner in Lyon, Caen and Abu Dhabi.

In 2013 and 2014, Cloud Nine was 2nd in the Lumen GP and 7th in the London Masters. Luco Toni wins in 150cm. Virginia Dream in Villamoura. Lando Star 7th at Lanaken GP. Opale d’Emm 10th in the GP de Lausanne. Pretty du Bochard 8th in the GP de Deauville. Vertical Limit 2nd at GP de Vimeiro…

And again in 2015, Ornella Mail the extra-terrestrial continues to thrill the world, Iso 175, winner in Paris, Doha, La Baule, Hong Kong and the GPs of Caen, St Lô…

Very few stallions bring so much energy and will to win.

  • Performance 80% 80%
  • Descent 80% 80%
  • Genetics 50% 50%
  • Power 50% 50%
  • Energy 90% 90%
  • Style 70% 70%
  • Ease of use 30% 30%

Crossing advice

Like the late Lando, we have to be careful about the temperament of our mares. These “warrior” horses nevertheless have a strong character. Best crossed with large mares who already have a good canter, he will bring explosiveness to the jump and lots of vertical lift.

Terms and conditions

IAC: €255 + €700 to PV

Approval Studbooks: SF

International performer

He has competed in the grand sport in CSI4 and 5*.

Progeny tested

He has produced 60 horses of 1.45m and over.


He transmits his energy and will to win.

Its production

Lando has produced numerous horses that have shone at the world’s finest shows, including : Romeo (1.60m with Federico Fernandez), Lacan (1.60m with Patrick Stühlmeyer), Ornella Mail (1.60m with Patrice Delaveau), Cloud Nine II (1.60m with Bernardo Alves), Candar Mail (1.60m with Kyle Timm), as well as stallion Oscar des Fontaines, sire of Amande de B’Neville, Olympic CCE champion in Tokyo 2020 with German rider Julia Krajewski.

Romeo (Barachiel d'Ouilly)

Ornella Mail

Oscar des Fontaines

Vakiry des Saules


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