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Cornet Obolensky

A formidable “father of a father” and “father of a mother”.

Cornet Obolensky
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Clinton x Heartbreaker
BWP – 1999 – 1.71m – grey

An exceptional stallion, who leaves no one indifferent, both for his temperament and his exceptional jumping ability. He ranks 15th in the Hippomundo stallion ranking for 2023 based on the performance of his offspring in international shows.

CORNET OBOLENSKY has become a formidable “father’s father” and “mother’s father”. Often criticized for the sometimes delicate mental state of his offspring and his low fertility, his retirement from competition has greatly improved his fertility. As for the character, it will of course be considered in the crossbreeding.

Spotted as a 6-year-old at a young horse event in Lyon, “Cornet” already impressed: charismatic, powerful and supple. Exact qualities that he also passes on to his descendants.

A very classic cross between Clinton and Heartbreaker, both still regarded today as stallions that breathed modernity into the 2000s. They’ve provided sturdy, powerful and fantastic-looking horses, sometimes complicated but great with experienced riders.

He’s a breed leader who crosses very well with French mares.


  • Performance 90% 90%
  • Descent 100% 100%
  • Genetics 60% 60%
  • Power 80% 80%
  • Energy 70% 70%
  • Style 90% 90%
  • Ease of use 40% 40%

Crossing advice

Mares with good temperaments and strong backs are ideal for him. It will improve front movement, chic and power.

Terms and conditions

ICSI: €150 + €500 per frozen embryo
IAC : €165 shipping + €2,200 for 4 straws

Approval studbooks: BWP, SF, HOLST, Z…

International performer

He has competed in grand sport in CSI 4 and 5*.

Progeny tested

He is the sire of 120 horses that have taken part in at least one 1.60 m event.

Natural talent

He passes on his talent to the obstacle. Its products are naturally gifted.

Its production

Cornet Obolensky is 15th in the Hippomundo ranking of stallions based on the performance of their offspring in international shows in 2023. He is the sire of 120 horses that have taken part in at least one 1.60 m event. He is also the 2nd most expensive stallion at auction in 2023 (according to Hippomundo statistics).

Among his best-performing offspring in 2023 are Contago, who is a top performer over 1.60m and has earned over €200,000 this year under the saddle of Eugenio Garza Perez, as well as Balou du Reventon and Riverland’s Arqana. Cornets Iberio wins the Sires Of The World event at Lanaken, ridden by Denis Lynch. In the World Championships for young horses, Nero was 9th in the 5-year-old class, Calida Z 5th and Cinnamon Pommex Z 7th in the 7-year-old class. In the French Young Horse Championships, Gio de la Blanquerie was 6th in the 7-year-old championship, Harry de Beaufour won the 6-year-old SF and AA geldings and colts, and Ice Cream Brimbelles was 7th in the 5-year-old SF and AA mares.

Its best representatives include Comme il Faut, Clooney, Balou du Reventon, Cornado I, Colestus, Vangog du Mas Garnier, Cornetto K, Corbinian, Con Spirit 7, Conte Bellini, Cocoshynsky, Cornet du Lys, Cornet d’Amour and Caspar 213.

Cornet d'Amour

Frenchy VDS 3

Arqana by Riverland


Melodie-k van't Kattenheye

Vangog du Mas Garnier

Cornet du Lys

Balou du Reventon

Comme Il Faut

Cornado I


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