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2nd best stallion by % of Black Type products according to performance in CSI in 2023!


Converter I x Carthago Z
Old – 2004 – 1.72m – bay

The 2nd best stallion (after Chacco Blue) by % of Black Type products according to CSI performance in 2023!


Conthargos comes from a serious family developed by Gestüt Lewitz. Widely used, he has produced elegant, very modern horses, but it’s undeniable that he’ll need to bring in mares with frame for those wishing to produce for the big sport. In any case, he is an excellent sire to produce magnificent horses for the 140-150cm competition market with a great deal of certainty.

best current product: The son of the superb Carusa breeder: GP4* winner Conthargo-Blue

Today, CONTHARGOS is one of the world’s top stallions.

He devoted himself to breeding at an early age, following an accident that put an end to his sporting career at the age of 5.

Her dam, Cajandra Z, also produced Caya Blue (dam of Coleur Blue, 1.60m), Afrika (1.55m), Cajandra’s Gril (dam of Bordeaux, 1.60m), Chacjandra (1.60m), Champion For One (1.45m), Cristalla (1.45m) and Vivathago PS (1.45m).

His sire, Conventer I, was 4th in the World Championship for 5-year-olds at Lanaken. He has produced several 1.60 m horses, including Newton Abbot, Compagnon 9, Cat Balou, Careyes and Campino 344.

  • Performance 30% 30%
  • Descent 75% 75%
  • Genetics 65% 65%
  • Power 40% 40%
  • Energy 80% 80%
  • Style 50% 50%
  • Ease of use 50% 50%

Crossing advice


Terms and conditions

ICSI: €150 + €500 per frozen embryo

Approval studbooks: BRAND, HOLST, MECKL, OLDBG, OS, RHEIN

Standard wires

Ihe has 4 stallion sons approved in stallion shows.

Progeny tested

He is the 2nd best stallion by % of Black Type products according to CSI performance in 2023.

Modern horses

He produces modern horses with a very good backstroke and chic.

Its production

CONTHARGOS produced 45 horses at 1.55m and over, including 32 at 1.60m. He is 2nd in the Hippomundo 2023 stallion ranking by % of Black Type progeny according to CSI performance.

Its best representatives include: Condara (1.60m with Luis Fernando Larrazabal), Pia Contra (1.60m with Nicolas Pizarro), Cosa Nostra (1.60m with Alberto Michan), Concona (1.60m with Ben Maher), Easy Girl (1.60m with Santiago Lambre), Concolue (1,60m with Nicole Haunert), Conchento PS (1.60m with Luciana Diniz), Tailormade Chloe Star PS (1.60m with Karin Martinsen), Concolina (1.60m with Natalie Dean), Carina Eda (1.60m with Youri Trotereau), Tailormade Cotina Blue PS (1.60m with Karin Martinsen), Conthinder (1.60m with Andrzej Oplatek), Celine 1.60m with Karen Polle), Condarco (1.60m with Angel Niagolov), Continental Blue (1,60m with Philip Rüping), Connecticut (1.60m with Matthew Sampson), Carlotta (1.60m with Johnny Pals), Conthargo-Blue (1.55m with Roberto Previtali), and Chadina (1.55m with Mckayla Langmeier).




Easy Girl



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