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Con Air

A fast, flexible and above all eminently respectful stallion.

Con Air
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Contender x Carolus I
Holst – 1997 – 1.72m – bay

A fast, supple and above all eminently respectful stallion. He has produced more than 50 horses at 1.50 m level and over, including Coach, Cornwalle BH and Conrad Z.

Con Air is the father of our phenomenal CRACK BEL Z

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Blown up during the 2014 season, the gentle Con Air still had so much to give to French breeding. He marked his production in his dress (bay with a little ball there), his model and his psyche: This ease combined with strength, this ease combined with respect for the bars, this desire to do well. Such was the future of Con Air. A stock of glitter will keep its mission going for some time to come.

Con Air, acquired at a young age by the highly astute Holstein Breeders’ Association, was soon regarded in Germany as the successor to the Contender breed leader.

With L.B. Andersen, he won the Nations Cup in Copenhagen, then was entrusted to Otto Becker for the Top Level. Together they won the Samsung Cup Final in Barcelona in 2008. 2009 and its crisis saw Con Air sold to amateur Argentine businessman José Larocca.

Con Air will take him all the way to the Final of the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington, where he will complete an anthology course. His ease of use at the highest level made him one of the most esteemed horses on the planet.

Contenders are elegant and happy. They have some great champions: Checkmate (M. M. Beerbaum), Carlo (S.A. Moya), Montender (M. Kutscher)… At stud, the excellent Chellano Z, who passed away too soon, was his spearhead.

The mother of Con Air, of excellent lineage hasthree other international products in the pipeline .

BLH acquired the much-coveted Con Air at the end of 2012. The young Con Air team made its international debut. At the end of 2013, 46 were operating at this level. By the end of 2015, we had exploded with 70 CSI products.


  • Performance 55% 55%
  • Descent 50% 50%
  • Genetics 50% 50%
  • Power 70% 70%
  • Energy 60% 60%
  • Style 60% 60%
  • Ease of use 90% 90%

Crossing advice


Terms and conditions

IAC: €360 + €1,100 on 01/10

Approval Studbooks: SF

International performer

He has competed in the grand sport in CSI4 and 5*.

Progeny tested

He has produced more than 50 horses at the 1.50 m level and above.

Ease of use

Its production is recognized for its dressability and good character.

Its production

His most successful offspring in 2023 include Cornwall BH (2nd in a 1.55m and 8th in the GP 1.60m CSI4* in Wellington with Amanda Derbyshire), Eiffel de Hus (4th in the GP 1.50m CSI3* in Arezzo and 3rd in the GP 1.50m CSI3* in Busto Arsizio with Giuseppe Rolli) and Ello Arthur (5th in the GP 1.50m Grand National in Mâcon). The stallion Crack Bel Z is 3rd in the French 7-year-old Championship.

He is also the father of Coach (1.60m with Elizabeth Madden), Conrad Z (1.60m with Grégory Wathelet), Conisha van de Helle (1.60m with Niels Bruynseels), Concorde 57 (1.60m with Seyid Musayev), Cony 9 (1.60m with Jörg Naeve), Conington (1.60m with Carlos Lopez-Fanjul Tariere), Loro Piana Cartella (1.60m with Marlon Modolo Zanotelli) and Constantin 87 (1.60m with Kazuteru Kitai).

In these horses, the ease of use that characterizes Con Air channels considerable energy and strength. It’s his trademark. It provides all the blood you need.

Cornwall BH


Ello Arthur


Hus Eiffel


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