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Cornet Obolensky x Stakkato
WEST – 2006 – 1.72m – grey

Now in its third year of breeding in France, breeders will be able to benefit from the explosion in production. Colestus was already a leader in the international young horse rankings, but 2023 consecrated him in style. Don’t hesitate!

Ludger Beerbaum knows that the French appreciate progeny-tested stallions with good competition records.

Colestus was first ridden by Philipp Schoder and Marcus Doring, with whom he won the young horse classes twenty-five times. In 2012, he won the Wesphalie championship for 6-year-old horses, then after two clear rounds, he finished 8th in the German championship and was a finalist in the world championship at Lanaken.

In 2013, Colestus accumulated first places in international events in the Yougster-Tour in Hannover, The Hague and Bâlve. He won the silver medal at the highly competitive German Championships for 7-year-olds.

In 2014, he joined Germany’s most prestigious stable in Riesenbeck with Ludger Beerbaum. And so begins his ascent to the highest level.

At just 8 years of age, the grey stallion won a 1.60 m event in Paris with Marco Kutcher, and then, with Ludger Beerbaum, was placed in 5 other 1.50 m CSI5* events (Paris, Verona, Aachen, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Madrid). At the age of 8, he took part in his first World Cup GP in Madrid. In 2015, he was regularly ranked under the saddle of Ludger Beerbaum on 1.50m and 1.60m. Madeleine Winter-Schultze, a patron of the Beerbaum stables, acquired the stallion, who went on to score some of his most memorable victories: 1.60m CSI5* Paris 2015, 1.60m CSI5* Hong Kong 2015, 1.60m CSI4* De Dortmund 2017, 1.60m CSI5 GCT/GCL Monte Carlo 2017, CSI4* Hagen 2017, 1.60m CSIW-3* Poznan 2017, 1.65m CSI-W 1.60m Stuttgart 2018, 1.60m CSI5W GCT Shanghai 2019.

On the maternal side, the stock is rich in excellent direct-line stallions: Stakatto, Pilot, Durchlaucht. Spice Girl is also the dam of S and M class winners. Her granddam, Pépita, produced the stallions Harry Potter (Holland), Wessex and Cornet Cocconuts, all S class winners in Germany.

Ludger Beerbaum’s verdict: “He’s adorable, my grooms are fans. He doesn’t have a “macho” character and on the bars he’s particularly alert and elastic. These qualities are essential if you want to stay at the top level for a long time.”

  • Performance 80% 80%
  • Descent 80% 80%
  • Genetics 60% 60%
  • Power 75% 75%
  • Energy 75% 75%
  • Style 100% 100%
  • Ease of use 100% 100%

Crossing advice

COLESTUS has perfect style on the bars. It’s a model in terms of speed of execution. He’s a big stallion, but he’s supple and always in balance.

You can therefore entrust him with small mares, stiff mares or mares with perfectible movement (especially in front).

Few mares would be unsuitable, except those that are too large.

Terms and conditions

IAF or IAR : €255 or €360 + €1,350 per 1/10 GPV or €1,500 per PV

Studbooks of approval : SF ,Z , bay, Holst …

International performer

He has competed in the grand sport in CSI4 and 5*.

Progeny tested

He already has more than 20 products turning 1.50m to 1.60m .

The will

Unstoppable, a healer, this is a horse of extraordinary courage.

Its production

The descendants of COLESTUS are increasingly making their presence felt at top level.

At just 9 years old, Greya had a fantastic season, placing in several 1.60m events, including a fine 3rd place in the 1.60m Top Ten at the Geneva CSI5*, ridden by Kent Farrigton!

Classic Dream, who had already performed on 1.60m with Darragh Kenny, has joined the ranks of Christian Ahlmann, with whom he has already taken 2nd place in a 1.60m at the CSIW-5* in Riyadh. Jiminy Cricket, already successful on 1.55m, was 6th in a 1.60m GP at the CSI4* in Wellington.

Others include: Colestina H (1.60m), Colmar (1.60m), Constantin 110 (1.55m), Cornet (1.55m), Cardozo 4 (1.55m), Colestus Cambridge (1.55m).


Classic Dream





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