CATOKI , on everyone's lips

In breeding, there’s the dream of producing an exceptional horse in the image of those seen on the greatest showgrounds, hoping to reproduce the best, even if the chances of obtaining a winning horse in GP 5* remain small. But above all, pragmatism must prevail in every breeder’s mind, in order to maximize the chances of producing a horse whose sporting qualities will appeal to the entire riding community. For this reason, stallions with the best “Black Type” statistics (horses competing in CSI 140 cm and over) should be used as a priority.

So when a stallion like Catoki combines everyone’s dream of producing GP 5* horses with the necessary pragmatism, consistently producing international horses of every level, you shouldn’t hesitate. Unfortunately, Catoki’s fertility is very low. This is a stallion for which ICSI is particularly well-suited, bringing great added value to your production.