In the subtle relationship between breeding and the relentless passage of time, the essence of “long time” emerges as an important asset.
Although contemporary society, by its ephemeral and capricious nature, seems little inclined to encourage it. Breeding is a living testimony to this extended temporal perspective, where the patient gestation and evolutionary growth of young horses trace an enduring saga.
In this era of the ephemeral, the breeder, guardian of his bloodlines and artisan of the future, must embrace a long-term vision, establishing patience as the cornerstone and anticipation as the guide.
It’s in the mastery of this art of time that the breeding is developed, a narrative whose chapters, inscribed in your game generations

horses century after century.
The breeder, while shaping destinies in the making, strives to reconcile the unalterable grandeur of the long term with the pressing needs of the short term. By offering society works still unfinished, gestations dazzling with hope and foals bursting with promise, but it’s a matter of survival to give his most beautiful canvases time to blossom.
I hope that our 2024 catalog will become a modest beacon, guiding breeders to masterfully reconcile the short time of our society with the long time that cradles the evolution of our horses.

Sébastien NEYRAT