The best Selle Français of the decade

Ride ability

Quabri brings together the essential assets: First, victories at the highest level for many years; They are the guarantee of transmitting orthopedic health and an extraordinary desire to jump. Then, he is the son of a great Sire like all the best fathers of winners. Finally, he is the fruit of an original SF maternal line, a line carrying the genetic innovation essential to progress. The gorgeous look is the icing on the cake.

Thus, it has the stuff of the greatest, that of Tinka's Boy, Plot Blue, Cooper Van de Heffinck (current world leader), Colestus, Cristallo who preceded it with us and who all confirm brilliantly. Many thanks to Pedro for his trust. The stallion station rich in stars, the Haras de Châtenay confirmed leader of modern reproduction techniques (oocyte puncture, ICSI), and finally our asserted desire to keep costs down, it is indeed of confidence shared with the breeders of which it is also acts. This return to France sounds like a boost, a springboard for SF genetics. What to do, together, like a leap of… kid, that's for sure.

Quabri is without question a stallion with a heart of gold who has always been fully attentive to his rider. Capable of becoming aware of what was at stake, he had the ability to make efforts despite short preparations (like during the World Equestrian Games in Caen).

No mind of steel allows you to be a two-time finalist in the Olympic Games without the physique of a high-level athlete.

Quabri's strong point lies in the power of his hock which gives him a flexible and ample gallop and a covering of obstacles rarely taken in default.
With a long neck and a good mouth, Quabri is a very pleasant stallion to ride, he also uses this forehand wonderfully to verticalize.


TOP career performance


Kannan x Gasper

Semen type IAF and IAR
year of birth 2004
Size ? cm
Birth studbook: SF
Approval studbook AES, Holst, KWPN, OS, sBs, SF


IAF (Châtenay Center) / IAR / ICSI

FT + €1 at 350/1 GPV or €10 at PV or €1 per frozen embryo



Quabri is a charismatic stallion, remarkable for his canter and his hock.

It will suit mares needing to be reinforced in the upper line and those lacking amplitude and coverage.

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