The very demonstrative son of Diarado: very rare seed

Ride ability
ICSI result

International performer

The stallion has evolved in big sport, CSI: 4 and 5 *

TESTING ON progeny

The stallion appears in 2021 in one of the Horse-telex rankings for the quality of his production

blood flow

The stallion transmits his energy, his impulse and his reactivity


The stallion has a rather large size associated with a developed muscle mass

ease of use

The stallion and / or his production are recognized for dressability and good character


The stallion is endowed with very good locomotion and orthopedics, he transmits ample and flexible gait.


Inaretable, healer, the superlatives used for these horses endowed with extraordinary courage

Maternal line

The stallion has a maternal line very present in the sport

Don Diarado

From the age of 8, Don Diarado entered the big leagues with class, his backhand and his style in jumping are unmatched.

The scarcity of glitter from a horse of this rank is a considerable asset to stand out with resolutely feline and reactive products.

Don Diarado is now on everyone's lips in breeding and sport. At just 10 years old, this exceptional stallion has established himself among the best in the world. But his offspring is by no means inferior to him.

In addition to his great sporting successes in 2018, including the bronze medal at the World Championships in Tryon and the victory in the Global Champions League in Hamburg and the K&K Cup in Münster, he was also able to maintain himself very successfully at the level 5 * in 2019. An absolute highlight was his powerful clears in the Champions League final in Prague, which helped his side secure a phenomenal fourth place

On the way to Olympus

Don Diarado Announced In The Germany Team 1 In Preparation For The Olympics.

What more could you ask of a father selected for performance than to confirm his presence on the major world team events? Don Diarado is spectacular. The general public will soon discover the extent of the genetic potential of this stallion whose semen is extremely rare and expensive. 


Don Diarado

Semen type ICSI
year of birth 2009
Size ? cm
Birth studbook: RHINE
Approval studbook RHEIN, WEST, Z


ICSI Conditions

1000€ incl. tax per use +700€ incl. tax / embryo

150 € provision + 500 € ttc per frozen embryo

Strengths / Weak

Supple, leaping with an absolutely perfect style, it is very spectacular and exceptionally respectful.


Are you looking to improve the speed of execution, the engagement at the canter and the width of the hock while maintaining a very modern model? Don Diarado will be particularly indicated.

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