A UFO that we still remember

Ride ability

blood flow

The stallion transmits his energy, his impulse and his reactivity

ease of use

The stallion and / or his production are recognized for dressability and good character


The stallion is endowed with very good locomotion and orthopedics, he transmits ample and flexible gait.

The good student ...

Crack Bel is the first and eagerly awaited stallion son of the champion La Toya III, his own one year older sister Coco Bel is riding under the saddle of world number 1 Martin Fuchs who says a lot of good things about it.

Crack Bel has made us dream from an early age and puts stars in our eyes during each obstacle session with Julien Gonin.

He learned the trade quickly: He is an excellent student, always very attentive to the requests of his rider.


To the top level ...

No doubt when in the future of Crack Bel, he will remain at the European Stallions Resort or at the Julien Gonin stables until he reaches the top level, because he is a sure value that we highly esteem.


A perfect conformation  

Its supple and taut back line, its strong hock, its high neckline, major assets for a good balance, a lot of coverage and a very pleasant locomotion.

With a very good mouth and a lot of reactivity, it is also particularly manageable and flexible. 

  • His pedigree

Con Air x La Toya III. One recognized now for her powerful and easy-to-use production, the other a stupendous and dark winner who won in blood and genes.

It could not be a more successful cross From his father, he holds his blanket, his kindness. From his mother, commitment, speed and frankness.


  • His mother: La TOYA III

1Million Euro in cumulative earnings for Markus Fuchs' grand prix mare with which he won 3 World Cup qualifiers, but also Grand Prix 5 * and his Nations Cup specialty.


Bel Z Crack

Semen type IAF / IAR
year of birth 2016
Size ? cm
Birth studbook: Z
Approval studbook BEA


Available in fresh semen in Chatenay and refrigerated throughout France and Europe:

FT + 500€ including tax at the birth of the foal.


  • Ease over obstacles
  • The future couple formed with Julien Gonin
  • His mother, engraved in the memories
  • Its very good natural back passage


Nice horse, very attentive. its high but nevertheless round neckline and its commitment make it particularly suitable for plunging mares.

In photos ...