The ideal combination of energy, elasticity and chic

jumping style
ease of use

International performer

The stallion has evolved in big sport, CSI: 4 and 5 *

TESTING ON progeny

The stallion appears in 2021 in one of the Horse-telex rankings for the quality of his production

blood flow

The stallion transmits his energy, his impulse and his reactivity

ease of use

The stallion and / or his production are recognized for dressability and good character

Maternal line

The stallion has a maternal line very present in the sport

By its elegance, to will, to flexibility, to strong rocker, Cooper won us over.

Caretino, pillar of Holstein and a granddaughter of Landgraf, the same cross as Casall.
His mother who with Quidam gave Quinault winner in 160cm. A grandmother who also with Quidam gave Wella, the mother of Quaprice Bois Margot and Ornela. By its paper, which still works with French saddle orgines Cooper won us over.

Frame in 145-150 of an amateur Ukrainian rider; its ease of use won us over.

It is finally and above all his production that enchants us, only two living stallions have 3 horses in the World Top 100 and Cooper is one of them.

Finally, Cooper had 2 representatives at the Tokyo Olympics.

In 2021, 11 horses by Cooper were evolving in 160cm 

Among the representatives in 5 *: 

Hello Jefferson

Igor van de Wittemoere

Kriskras DV

Jamica van Kattebeek

This rise to the highest level and the confirmation of his excellent fertility after three seasons of riding at Servas led us to acquire Cooper.
The Studbook SF shares our enthusiasm since it approved it at the end of 2019 in view of the quality of its production.

Very elegant horse, harmonious, high on legs and very strong back, he is the archetype of the modern horse.
He will be able to seduce you in particular for your mares carrying the blood of Quidam de Revel and more generally the mares having the frame. 

Her family has indeed demonstrated what tropism she had with this French genetics.

Excellent recruit for France which now has a new top stallion at world level.
very fertile and with attractive breeding conditions. Everything for a simple and effective breeding season!

It is capital for the sporting future of our national breeding to have such assets.

In 2021, COOPER's price was 500 € Poulain Vivant. For those who trusted at the start of the stallion in France, the price remains unchanged. 



Caretino x landlord

Semen type IAF - IAR
year of birth 2004
Size ? cm
Birth studbook: HOLST
Approval studbook SF, Z, BWP, HOLST, …


IAF (Châtenay Center)

Cooper 2020 or 2021 customer 280 € + 500 € PV 

Customer 2022 

280 € + 1200 € PV

IAR - France 

Cooper 2020 or 2021 customer: € 350 + € 500 PV 

Customer 2022 

350 € + 1200 € PV



Cooper gives a lot of verticality: in the paces and in the jump. The foals have chic and stretch, a long neckline and great legs. 

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