Always a safe bet for energy

Ride ability

International performer

The stallion has evolved in big sport, CSI: 4 and 5 *

blood flow

The stallion transmits his energy, his impulse and his reactivity

TESTING ON progeny

The stallion appears in 2021 in one of the Horse-telex rankings for the quality of his production

Baloubet du Rouet

This charismatic Champion, who is the pride of the Selle Français Stud-Book around the world, is the son of the illustrious Galoubet A SF and Mésange du Rouet SF by Starter (PS), born and raised not far from Mont Saint Michel at Louis Fardin.

BALOUBET had a fruitful career under the saddle of the Brazilian sorcerer Nelson Pessoa, before joining that of his son Rodrigo. Together, the couple will have been one of the most legendary in the history of equestrian sports. The stallion was the only one to win the World Cup final three times in a row, in 1998 in Helsinki, in 1999 in Göteborg, then in Las Vegas in 2000. They also recorded a second place in the same championship. in 2001, a third in 2002, then a second in 2003. The shocking duo will have even been crowned Olympic champion in 2004 in Athens.

The Only SF Able To Reign From 2000 To 2020


They are less numerous on the grounds and yet we can easily imagine the “Baloubet” will still correspond to the demand of the big sport as their respect and their energy match with the technicality of the current courses…. It remains to find the pilot!



Baloubet du Rouet / Galoubet x Starter

Semen type ICSI
year of birth 1989
Size ? cm
Birth studbook: SF
Approval studbook SF ,Z , OS OLDBG, HANN …


ICSI Conditions

450 € provision + 500 € ttc per frozen embryo

Strengths / Weak

Long criticized for the model, the overflowing energy, the unacademic style, the "Baloubet" are nevertheless war machines, unstoppable, respectful and always in balance. Of course it will be more suitable for those who want to breed Formula 1 cars than for those who want to provide pretty practical horses of 145cm


Mares with little brilliance and energy. those often caught out of balance. Always prefer those producing early and easy to use horses. Also pay particular attention to the rise of the knees.

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