One of the greatest performers in the world. Also the most voluntary

Ride ability

Uhelem de Seille at 6 won two of the three events of the CSIYP in Fontainebleau, then was crowned 6-year-old French Champion D.

Uhelem joined Camille FAVROT at the start of 2015. The young rider tames the extraordinary means of the little gray stallion. Their first season is honored with a title of vice-champions of France Pony As1.
The rest is known: The couple won numerous rankings and victories in Grand Prix, CSIP and CSIOP until the title of French champions in As Elite Excellence in 2017. They won a test at the European Championships in Kaposvár and finished in apotheosis their union with rankings and victories in CSIP (Barbizon, Chevennez, Lyon).
He was awarded the best Pony index 2017: 175.
It is now with the very young Iséroise Cannelle PARAMUCCHIO that Uhelem will continue his career coached by the Riding School / Sport Etude of the Sappey stable.
It was time for the breeders to give a legitimate dolphin to Dexter Leam Pondi, who at 27 became a consecrated Breed Leader. It will be Uhelem.

It is indeed his best product on the bars. His mother comes from an outcross between Rigodon, a very Arabized French Saddle Pony and a Trotteuse mother of a line gifted in show jumping since her sister Trotteuse is honored with an ISO 144.
We can think that the alliance between the will to do well of the Trotter and the energy of the Arab based on the classicism of Dexter explains the quality of Uhelem.

During all these years, Uhelem stood out for his energy on the track, his respect and his extraordinary style. A real Formula 1 that drives itself.
It indeed adds to the very classic genetics of Dexter a breath of modernity: More speed, piercing, intelligence of the helm.


Dexter Leam Pondi x Rigodon x Ogorek

year of birth 2008
Size ? cm
Approval studbook PFS



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