The best dad dad in the world

Ride ability

International performer

The stallion has evolved in big sport, CSI: 4 and 5 *


The stallion has a rather large size associated with a developed muscle mass

Comfortably installed in the TOP 5 of the different ranking of breeders of all ages, he has also become a formidable "father of father" and "father of mother". Often criticized for the mind, it is sometimes delicate about his offspring and his low fertility, his cessation of competition has greatly improved his fertility. As for the character, it will obviously be considered in the crossing.

That we are also pleased to distribute for the most pro-active among you.

Spotted very young at 6 years old during a young horses event in Lyon, "Cornet" already impressed: Charismatic, powerful, flexible. The exact qualities he also passes on to his offspring.

A very classic cross between Clinton and Heartbreaker, both still considered today as stallions that breathed a new lease of life in the 2000s. They produced tough, powerful and fantastic looking, sometimes complicated but awesome looking horses with experienced riders.

IN SPORT in 2019-2020:

Timeless, the FEI classification gives pride of place to the descendants of Cornet Obolensky who counts 78 horses evolving in 160cm events, among them of course:

• Clooney 51,

 European champion in individual in Rotterdam,

1st of the GP 160 at the CSI5 * in Geneva,

1st in the GP 160 CSIW5 * World Cup in Lyon,

3rd in GP 160 at CSI5 * GCT in Prague… with M. Fuchs

• Balu of Reventon,

1st GP 160 of the CSI5 * of Knokke

1st GP 160 of the CSI5 * GCT of Chantilly,


5th in Individual at the Rotterdam European Championships in 2019

3rd of the GP CSI5 * -W in Leipzig

6th GP 160 at CSI5 * GCT in Prague

IN BREEDING in 2019-2020:

Cornet Obolensky now supplies great sires like COLESTUS, CRISTALLO I, BAlOU DU REVENTON, CORNADO I who appear at the top of the Horsetelex rankings listing the best fathers in the world by age group.



Semen type frozen + ICSI
year of birth 1999
Size ? cm
Birth studbook: BWP
Approval studbook BWP, SF, HOLST, Z,…


Available in Frozen semen in Châtenay

€2 excl. VAT for 200 straws

+ 1 possible transfer in fresh semen if the mare remained empty after the use of 4 straws



  • he is a race leader
  • He crosses very well with the French mare
  • Always chic with the head of his father Clinton
  • Very fast execution in front


Mares of amiable character, with tight backs will be perfect.

It will improve the forward gesture, the chic and the power