A great harmonious and valiant winner

Ride ability

International performer

The stallion has evolved in big sport, CSI: 4 and 5 *


The stallion has a rather large size associated with a developed muscle mass


Inaretable, healer, the superlatives used for these horses endowed with extraordinary courage

As we have said: Gaining 5 *, year after year, week after week, until the age of 18 is the prerogative of exceptional individuals. Let us mention Galoubet, Baloubet, For Pleasure and a few others (not so many). These extraordinary subjects transmit their genius to their production.
Argento belongs to this cenacle.

John Whitaker and Argento won 18 international Grand-Prix (like Galoubet in his time). For eight years they together occupy the best places in the world ranking. Equally efficient in GP
that in the speed test, his power and respect for bars were unalterable throughout his career. Argento combines elegance and kindness of character.

Argento descends from Argentinus, breed leader in show jumping and CD, via the excellent Arko III big winner who produced very well despite having started breeding at an advanced age.

These products (few in number since he was dedicated to sport) inherited his look and athletic build. We know of 28 products of which 15 are old enough to compete; 10 of them come out in CSI. Bazento is the winner in 150cm.

BLH is very proud to have attracted Argento to France. It is a major asset for French breeding
In the coming years.

For Sébastien Neyrat, “Argento shone in the 160 Grand Prix and knew how to be super fast in the hunts. Well designed, powerful, he never left his immense respect and his unwavering desire to win. The great performers who have shown such longevity at the highest level by maintaining style, respect, desire to do so are exceptional individuals, out of the ordinary. Galoubet, Baloubet, For Pleasure are shining examples. It is with such stallions that breeding progresses and it's our job as a stallion to pamper them so that they perform at their best. So he joins our other stars, Cartani, Romanov, Firth of Lorne, Ustinov, Cooper Van de Heffinck, Cornet's Stern to constitute a gallery of very complementary stallions. "

TOP 10 career performances


Arko III x Gasper

Semen type IAF and IAR
year of birth 2002
Size ? cm
Birth studbook: BEA
Approval studbook SF, Z, HOLST, AES


IAF (Châtenay Center) / IAR

FT + 450€ at 1/10 GPV or 500€ at PV




Argento is a rather compact and energetic horse. He is incredibly cool, Nothing hurts or impresses him. 

Thanks to its powerful shank, it will surely provide tremendous jumpers for those who want to breathe in "gnaque" 

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