Quidam de Revel x Candillo

Type of frozen semen + ICSI
Year of birth 2006
Size 166 cm
Birth studbook: Holst
Approval studbook: SF, HOLST, Z,…

What a Husband Man

What a year for Quel Homme now entrusted by Gaetan Decroix to Jérôme Guery,
2019, the year of his consecration at the highest level in the world: During the Grand Slam Rollex in Geneva; undoubtedly the most difficult indoor event, it unfolds a harmonious course, flowing, without ever deviating from its irreproachable technique. Without doubt the best course of the GP. He finished third.

Quel Homme est un Quidam, the SF who most marked the breeding of the 2000s. Quidam who, crossed with the maternal Holstein strains, gave his best offspring and excellent stallions like Quaprice Bois Margot, Verdi… No doubt the Protected by Gaétan Decroix will follow the same voice as these glorious elders.
All the more so, since the best European mares are already promised to him for the 2020 season.
His maternal line, very serious for generations, has winners in jumping and dressage.

European team champion in Rotterdam, winner of the GP CSI5 * in Mexico, third in the GP CSI5 * in Geneva, He impresses with its power and ease of use. Even on a 160-170 course, it leaves a margin of 40cm behind. His gallop is magnificent of balance and commitment. His build is modern and he has all the blood he needs.
Quel Homme has only a few products at the moment. Elegant, gentle and of real beauty, it will suit all types of mares and we won't be afraid to use it in inbreeding on Quidam.

 Quel Homme de Hus is a very charismatic stallion, first performing with his owner Gaëtan Decroix in CSI 2 and 3 *, the future of the horse is traced by the thread of friendship with Jerôme Guerry his new rider who allows him to '' reach the highest level.

For his first attempt in 5 *, the stallion son of Quidam de Revel and the very interesting Candillo stood out by winning the LGCT in Mexico and then there is a series of victories and prestigious places:

6th CSIO5 * 2019 Aachen (GER) (1.70m)
1st CSIO5 * -NC Final 2019 Barcelona (ESP) (1.60m)
1st Rotterdam (NED) 2019 CH-EU-S (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * GCT / GCL 2019 Mexico City (MEX) (1.60m)
2nd CSIO5 * -NC Final 2019 Barcelona (ESP) (1.60m)
3rd CSI5 * 2019 Geneva (SUI) (1.60m)
3rd CSIO5 * 2019 Rome (ITA) (1.60m)
3rd CSI5 * 2017 Dinard (FRA) (1.60m)
6th CSIO5 * -NC EUD1 2019 Geesteren (NED) (1.60m)
6th CSI5 * GCT / GCL 2019 Madrid (ESP) (1.60m)
7th CSI4 * 2019 Liège (BEL) (1.60m)
7th CSI5 * 2019 Waregem (BEL) (1.60m)
7th CSIO5 * 2019 Aachen (GER) (1.60m)

The Mighty Knuckle ▶

Light, airy, respectful and NICE

It is now a certainty, to hold the precious blood of Quidam de Revel and to show such a light gallop is a phenomenon. This propulsion so characteristic of Quel Homme is unique on the 5 * circuit. 

What about his regularity and the perfect and rapid understanding between Jérôme and Quel Homme. When a sport horse already naturally has this ability to "sit", 70% of the rider's work is done. 


After the 2020 confinement, Gaétan Decroix and his collaborators decided to offer QUEL HOMME in fresh seed a few months in 2021. The reason ? 

The return to competition of Quel Homme was very easy, he does not need a lot of tests to be competitive again even in anticipation of the Olympic games for which he will be one of the favorites. 

Ride ability

Strengths / Weak

The engagement and the rocking are real feast for the eyes, we also appreciate this ease of use and in its products a certain precocity.

Seed conditions
frozen / Refrigerated

FT (440 € ttc) + 1650 € ttc 1/10 + GPV

ICSI Conditions

150 € provision + 500 € ttc per frozen embryo

Conditions of straw purchase

550 € ttc per straw (excluding ICSI)

Crossbreeding advice

From a classic model for a Quidam de Revel: short neckline, strong shank, Quel Homme will be particularly suitable for elongated mares. It will particularly improve the "boats" lacking in flexibility and capacity of engagement.
Sebastien neyrat
Genetic counselor