Inseminations IAF - IAR - IAC


All semen is placed at Haras de Chatenay whether it comes from stallions in the BLH catalog or elsewhere.

This with the same rigor regardless of the source. Our veterinarians vouch for the quality of the service provided.

Fresh semen insemination

The use of fresh hyperfertile semen from stallions stationed at Servas makes it possible to rapidly obtain gestations and also embryos for transfer mares. This is especially important for subfertile or older mares. Considerable advantage, see exclusive, this is obtained by using male genetics of very high world level.

Frozen semen insemination

For frozen foods, the availability of our veterinarians allows ultrasound monitoring day and night, 7 days a week; this in order to optimize the time of insemination in relation to ovulation. This is one of the keys to success, in particular for expensive straws, those known to be infertile or available in limited numbers.
Of course, the flakes supplied by other calibrators will be used with the same care as those from BLH. Ethics obliges.

Implementation rates


Fresh or chilled semen from a BLH stallion: 120 € incl. VAT (10% VAT)

Frozen Semen of a BLH stallion: 200 € ttc

Chilled or frozen semen of a stallion Outside the BLH catalog: 275 € ttc