Caretino x Lavall

Type of seed IAC and ICSI
Year of birth 1999
Size 167 cm
Holstein Birth Studbook
SF, Z, OS OLDBG, HANN Approval Studbook

Casall Ask 

Casall is now legendary. Where Chacco-Blue appears, For Pleasure in the BLH catalog from 2000, Cornet Obolensky in the BLH catalog from 2005, Baloubet du Rouet in the BLH catalog from 1997, Kashmir, Toulon in the BLH catalog from 2004.
Together, they are the Sires who currently dominate world sport, all generations of products combined.

Casall is the son of the Holstein Caretino breed leader and comes from one of the most prestigious strains of the Stubook: The 890 family.

Casall leaves the sporting scene to enter stud permanently at 18 years old. He stopped in full glory since he had just been crowned Best Sport Horse 2016.
What longevity! Ultimate elegance and ultimate credibility for breeders.

Casall, the immense champion, has only been available for four years in France. He therefore still has a lot to give by crossing with French mare breeding.

His fertility in frozen semen is exceptional, which is unique for stallions who have reached such a high level of progeny testing. It makes it possible to easily obtain a gestation and also a large number of embryos. Finally, BLH offers you the possibility of paying part of the service at the birth of the foal.

the best from 2010 to 2017

1st CSI5 * GCT / GCL 2017 Hamburg (GER) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * GCT / GCL 2016 Doha (QAT) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * GCT / GCL 2016 Valkenswaard (NED) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * GCT / GCL 2016 Paris (FRA) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * LGCT 2015 Rome, Foro Italico (ITA) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * LGCT 2015 London (GBR) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * 2014 - Grand Prix (Final GCT) 2014 Doha (QAT) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * -W 2014 Lyon (FRA) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * GCT 2014 Chantilly (FRA) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * 2014 Basel (SUI) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * 2012 Basel (SUI) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * -W 2011 Lyon (FRA) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * GCT 2011 Monte Carlo (MON) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * 2011 - Grand Prix 2011 Hamburg (GER) (1.60m)
1st CSIO5 * 2010 - Grand Prix 2010 Falsterbo (SWE) (1.60m)
1st CSIO5 * 2010 - Nations Cup 2010 Falsterbo (SWE) (1.60m)
1st CSIO5 * 2010 - Grand Prix 2010 Rotterdam (NED) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * -W 2010 - World Cup 2010 's Hertogenbosch (NED) (1.60m)
1st CSI5 * -W 2009 - Grand Prix 2009 Oslo (NOR) (1.60m


Ride ability

Strengths / Weak

Casall produces so-called "hyper competition" horses in an extremely homogeneous manner. Rather light models, very fast in front. The palate can sometimes be delicate but the balance is a real highlight.

SF Insemination Conditions

€ 1130 at reservation + € 3300 ttc at 1/10

Holstein Insemination Conditions

€ 1130 at the time of booking + € 990 ttc at 1/10 + € 990 ttc PV

ICSI Conditions

1120e per use + 3300 € pregnant recipient mare at 45 days

Crossbreeding advice

Stallion present in the TOP 10 wbfsh for 10 years, his production with exclusively Holstein mares allows to understand how to cross Casall at best. Like his father, he will have to focus on good-sized mares with an insensitive mouth. The one who will lack reflex will find here the perfect partner
Sebastien neyrat
Genetic counselor