Asti Spumante


1995 - Bay - 1M70 - Oldenburger
Argentinus x Landfrieden
500 € PV (or 450 € AT 01/10 + GPV)
A world class horse.


A world class horse

Discover, enjoy, adopt.


His father Argentinus, Head of Breed, produced for dressage and show jumping (Anka, A Jungle Prince, Adlantus As, Armitage, Arko…).

He is excellently crossed here with a Landgraf strain which is the dam family of stallions Lapis Lazuli and Rosenwelt


"Asti": A world horse. Pillar of the German team of the 2010s with a distinguished amateur rider Thomas Muehlbauer.

Fifth in individual ahead of Vigo d'Arsouilles during the European Championship in Windsor in 2009

and Silver Medal by team.

Vice champion of Germany the same year. He won the Nations Cup in Lummen, Dublin and Barcelona (Samsung Cup Final), was second in La Baule, Madrid and Calgary. He wins GP CSI ****. His career in CSI lasts ten years.


Owned by the Landgestuete of Bavaria in southern Germany, very busy with its sporting career, its production, although very small, is excellent.

Thomas Muehlbauer is now riding Asti's sons: He won the CSI with Airport and with the young Aachen.

Natale Chiaudani is with the excellent Almero champion of Italy and big winner in CSI ***** (4th in the Oslo GP, 5th in Helsinky and Arezzo…). Laurence Greene and Arrivederci are winners in Nations Cup and GP CSI ***. Asti Cinzano and M. Schmid are the winner in 150cm.

Obviously, its notoriety is rising Like BLH, the most responsive breeders will trust it.

And so that there is no obstacle to its use, Asti Spumante integrates the range: Effect Waouh de BLH


Horse burst, powerful, armed, compact.

He has a lot of blood and poise.

It was very easy to use.

He's a really easy horse to cross. He conveys his looks and his very pleasant, very commercial model.

BLH coveted it for several years to supply the cavalry of amateurs and Pro lovers of reactive and pleasant horses to ride.



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