Abu sim Bel


2000 - Bay - 1M66 - Selle Français
Tinka's Boy x King of Rome ps
750 € PV (or 675 € AT 01/10 + GPV)
Innovative genetics, close to blood.


We have always been looking for stallions close to blood to anticipate the requirements of show jumping riders whether they are amateurs or Pro and also to renew the blood of a European breeding which is locked into the same male lines.

Our first stallion, Trésor du Renom AQPS (Bosty) made a lot of good horses including the fabulous Quenelle du Py.

A hyper-performing stallion in show jumping who brings vertical power and strong hocks crossed with a Thoroughbred dam or preferably AQPS will bring essential innovation.
It is this type of crossing that made Flexible, for example.

We found this mother in the AQPS of the Center-East: Anglo-Arab from Complément, from an excellent line of Steeple Chaser. His brother, the renowned Graal de Chalamont, won the President of the Republic Prize at Auteuil. Jumping the Justice of the Peace at 30km / h, 160cm high non-brushable and 8 meters long, is no small feat. She herself, winner in the flat race, did not run in a Steeplechase because her trainer considered her too slow, too round over the hurdles; for us it was an asset in order to produce for the CSO.
So was programmed Abu Sim Bel.
From his first gallop at eight days, his push, his rise, his balance in the turns surprised us. His rider Andréa Caprara said of him that barely broken in the horse could do everything spontaneously. It is this quality of galloping which made his learning so fluid, so “user-friendly”. Submission to the resulting aid will ensure the accuracy of the approach.
The strength and respect on the bars seems limitless.

He is sensitive to everything (the piercing) without ever being worried about it (the courage). He is resistant to effort and tireless like a Thoroughbred.
Excellent radios.
Third in the Macon CIR, triple clear in Fontainebleau, Elite, fourth in the Championship and fourth in terms of earnings, he was credited with the ISO 136 in 2015. At the World Championship for Young Horses: Double clear and one time point exceeded. In 2016, it is the development of an exceptional young horse (Iso 148), much courted by the best riders in the world and recognized by the breeding authorities. The SF Stud-book awards him the “VERY PROMISING” Label which is the highest label.

Free from all traditional SF lines, the hybrid vigor of its paper is maximum. It should thus transmit its qualities of influx, precocity, lightness. Valuable cards to anticipate the demands of modern sport.

The first foals will be born in 2017.



Photos and videos of the production

1st year of breeding