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Gynecological follow-up + implementation
Fresh Semen

370 € tax incl.

The use of fresh hyperfertile semen from stallions stationed at Servas makes it possible to rapidly obtain gestations and also embryos for transfer mares. This is especially important for subfertile or older mares. Considerable advantage, see exclusive, this is obtained by using male genetics of very high world level.

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Gynecological follow-up + implementation
Frozen semen



No matter what time of day or night, gynecological follow-up is ensured in order to inseminate at the time of insemination.
Only veterinarians carry out ultrasounds, deep inseminations, embryo transfers and oocyte punctures. It is important for the quality of the work carried out and it is essential in terms of professional responsibility.

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Embryo transfer


Mise en Place

Receiver rental

250 € ttc

150 € ttc

2800 € ttc

The transfer of fresh or frozen embryos is the specialty of our team. Everything is done on site with one of our 300 selected recipient mares

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570 € ttc

To breed serenely, the first stage of a foal's life must be a safe event for the breeder. Thanks to the experience and specialization of our teams, the protocols surrounding the foaling of a mare are draconian so that nothing leaves room for chance or hesitation.

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Simple and efficient

A question of men and women

Our whole team's mission is to fertilize your broodmare as soon as possible. Our two veterinarians, Frédéric Neyrat and Thibaut Dhier, devote themselves full time to gynecological follow-up. Together, they have accumulated 50 years in the service of horse breeding. The health surveillance of residents and neonatal care are provided by Dr. Anne Laure Terzian. We attach particular importance to the quality of communication so that you are regularly informed.

“I am incredibly proud of the efficiency and involvement of our teams”

Sébastien Neyrat - Manager


When you first come

you are greeted by Laure or Camille, our gracious administrative managers. You will read our Accommodation Agreement which details our services, their prices and our responsibilities. If you have chosen a BLH stallion, you will sign a Breeding Contract. We will ask you for the down payments provided for in the Agreement and the Contract. The breeder then meets a member of our team of trainers. He or she will ask you about your mare: Her habits, her behavior, her diet, her vaccines which must be up to date and her deworming which must be recent. Your mare will be weighed upon arrival and upon departure. The mare will then be examined by one of the veterinarians during the “Great Morning Session”. You can then take stock with him.

“We take the time to know as much as possible about each new mare.”

Comille (admission)

The success

Respect for animals and protocols

In Châtenay, we do not want to compromise with quality and want, year after year, always better to practice our profession. Motivation and competence of staff, quality of infrastructure, respect for horses and their way of life, health monitoring and compliance with the legislative framework: None of these essential elements will ever be neglected. Thus only veterinarians carry out ultrasound scans, deep inseminations, embryo transfers and oocyte punctures. It is important for the quality of the work carried out and it is essential in terms of professional responsibility. Our caregivers are patient, observant and meticulous. They are managed by Nadia Léger, our head of breeding whose task is to coordinate the care to be given to each mare individually. Whether she is the family's companion or one of the biggest stars of the CSI5 * in the world, everyone will be cared for in order to live in the environment that best suits them.

“Whatever time of day or night, inseminations are performed on ovulation.”

Dr Thibaut Dhier (Gynecologist)

and transparency

A question - An answer

Whether you want to hear from your mares, learn about the results or learn about the progress of the AI ​​(or ICSI) process, our administrative department will answer your questions and send us more specific technical questions.
Regarding the prices, everything is detailed in our accommodation agreement, with no surprises or hidden costs

“Administrative procedures, request for quotes or questions relating to your invoicing, I am at your disposal.”

Laure Neyrat (Accountant)

Accommodation agreement

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