Gynecological follow-up + implementation
Fresh Semen

370 € tax incl.

The use of fresh hyperfertile semen from stallions stationed at Servas makes it possible to rapidly obtain gestations and also embryos for transfer mares. This is especially important for subfertile or older mares. Considerable advantage, see exclusive, this is obtained by using male genetics of very high world level.

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Gynecological follow-up + implementation
Frozen semen



No matter what time of day or night, gynecological follow-up is ensured in order to inseminate at the time of insemination.
Only veterinarians carry out ultrasounds, deep inseminations, embryo transfers and oocyte punctures. It is important for the quality of the work carried out and it is essential in terms of professional responsibility.

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Embryo transfer


Mise en Place

Receiver rental

250 € ttc

150 € ttc

2800 € ttc

The transfer of fresh or frozen embryos is the specialty of our team. Everything is done on site with one of our 300 selected recipient mares

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570 € ttc

To breed serenely, the first stage of a foal's life must be a safe event for the breeder. Thanks to the experience and specialization of our teams, the protocols surrounding the foaling of a mare are draconian so that nothing leaves room for chance or hesitation.

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1400 € (OPU-ICSI) + 420 € per frozen embryo

The egg cell and ICSI puncture technique has been developed at Haras de Chatenay since 2018.We have contributed with this technique to the production and implantation of more than 400 frozen embryos.

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