Oocyte puncture center (Châtenay)

Production of frozen embryos by ICSI

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Châtenay oocyte puncture center

Production of frozen embryos by ICSI

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Stages of Ovum Pick Up

by Sébastien Neyrat

Veterinary advice

by Dr Frédéric Neyrat

This step can be done at your usual gynecologist veterinarian or at the Chatenay stud farm. A mare can be punctured when she has more than 15 leaflets of more than 10 mm, generally between the end of October and the end of March

Once your mare has arrived at the Châtenay stud farm. We carry out health analyzes which will give EEC status to its frozen oocytes and embryos. This regulatory step is fundamental for the logistics and a possible sale of the embryo. Remember that your mare must be up to date with influenza, tetanus and rhinopneumonia vaccination

Gynecological follow-up

Sanitary analyzes




Gynecological follow-up
Sanitary analyzes

Step 1 and 2

OPU Oocyte Puncture
Maturation of oocytes

Step 3 and 4


Step 5 and 6

Ovum pick up

Oocyte Maturation + ICSI

We carry out the oocyte puncture of your mare on a Monday or Tuesday in our dedicated room. The oocytes are cleaned, conditioned at room temperature and shipped to Italy by private carrier.
The mare enters when it enters post-operative follow-up for a period of 3 days after which she can resume work or usual life.

When the oocytes are collected, they are immature, a period of in vitro maturation is then necessary at Avantea to proceed with the ICSI. This lasts between 24 and 48 hours

The Italian technicians inject a sperm from the standard of your choice into each of the oocytes that have matured

OPU contract

Step 3

Step 4

Freezing of embryos

Storage and transplantation

For a period of 5 days, the fertilized oocytes will first cleave and then some will develop until the embryo stage of 5 days. They will then be frozen. sexed if you wish

The frozen embryos will all be reimported to the Chatenay stud farm at the start of the season. They will be reimplanted at your request in one of our recipient mares or a mare belonging to you (age The embryos can also be stored indefinitely.

Consult the different optionsReceiver mare rental

Step 5

Step 6